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From concept to reality … the AIRSCREEN collection system

The Ohio Blow Pipe Company (OBP) located in Cleveland, Ohio and its wholly owned subsidiary, Advanced Airsystems located in Martinsville, Virginia are recognized industry leaders in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of under-roof air conveying, trim/scrap removal systems, cyclone based systems, dust collection and oil mist systems to a variety of industries.

We have been designated as the preferred supplier by many of the leading companies in the various industries we service. This preferred supplier designation is the outcome of 80 years of experience, reliability and superior service to our customers. OBP’s approach to business, one based on quality, value, reliability and innovative thinking is directed at solving customer problems and enhancing productivity.

Ohio Blow Pipe … moving productivity to a higher level with custom engineered air conveying systems.

Back-to-Back AIRSCREEN with Rotary Valve and Baler


80 Years