Solving the Significant Dust Problem in Corrugated and Folding Carton Plants

The AIRSCREEN μicro addresses airborne dust and vapor issues.

The AIRSCREEN μicro from Ohio Blow Pipe helps box and carton plants avoid the significant safety risks and health problems caused by dust. This highly efficient dust-collection system enables companies to comply with OSHA and NFPA air-quality mandates.

The AIRSCREEN μicro is an ambient air dust filtration system that cleans the air and creates a healthier, more productive work environment. It also has the capability to eliminate molecular air contaminants such as odors and gasses.

The compact system is ideal for capturing airborne dust in and around the converting equipment and the baler room where direct source capture is not feasible. Because converting and die-cutting equipment, balers and shredders are not airtight, the dust from this machinery becomes airborne. A dust-free environment is especially critical in food applications where contamination is not acceptable.

The AIRSCREEN μicro captures sub-micron dust particles that impacts employee health and wellness and keeps fine explosive dust particles from settling on surfaces. It also reduces housekeeping expenses and saves wear and tear and energy costs on plant heating and ventilation equipment.

There is an optional component called the AIR image™ Sensor. The hand-sized unit can be placed remotely at various locations throughout the plant. It tracks particulate count and dust size. There is an optional feature that will allow the AIR image sensor to communicate and continuously adjust the AIRSCREEN μicro speed based upon the real-time particulate concentration readings.

The AIR image Sensor readings are viewed via a secure internet site; real-time and historic data is tracked for air quality reports and to optimize filter change alerts.

The standard fan module will typically come with the particulate filter and has the option to add the molecular module, to handle vapors along with particulates.

The AIRSCREEN μicro was introduced at the 2019 CorrExpo Show in Denver and has since received substantial interest from leading companies in the corrugated box and folding carton industry, where environmental health and safety is a major concern.

Numerous Benefits of the AIRSCREEN μicro

  • A perfect solution where source capture of dust is not practical or working, such as converting equipment and a baler or shredder
  • Creates a healthier, more productive work environment with clean air
  • Captures sub-micron dust particles that impacts employee health and wellness
  • Keeps fine, explosive dust particles from settling on surfaces
  • Reduces housekeeping expenses
  • Saves wear and tear and energy costs on plant heating and ventilation equipment
  • Various filter options specific to the contaminant of concern can be selected such as odors and gasses

Product Features

  • NFPA regulations not applicable to AIRSCREEN μicro product
  • Ease of installation and startup
  • Constant flow system. CFM is automatically maintained as the filter loads
  • Low power consumption and no motor starter required
  • Can order with 200-240V/3/60, 480V/3/60, or 120V/1/60 power supply
  • User adjustable pressure switch to select setting for filter change notification
  • Quick and easy side access to change filters
  • Two LED status light indicators for “on” status and “filter change” status
  • Adjustable directional louvers
  • Almost undetectable operating noise level (has an LED indicator to indicate unit is running)
  • 5 Star ECI (Energy Cost Index) rating. This indicates that the filter is rated the most energy efficient and longest lasting filter available by the ECI program

Optional AIR image™ Sensor

  • Monitors and continuously adjusts the AIRSCREEN μicro speed based upon the concentration of particles or gasses in the indoor air
  • Produces air quality reports and provides filter change alerts via secure internet site
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • View real time or historic data
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