The Ohio Blow Pipe Company and Farr APC have an exclusive joint technology agreement for the development and application of Gold Series filtration technology for the paper and board industries.

Ohio Blow Pipe’s CLEANAIR line of dust collectors offer the industry the highest efficiency, the best energy characteristics and the greatest operating economies available. Extensive testing of various dust types for each system application ensures maximum filtration efficiencies at optimum air-to-cloth ratios.

Cartridges are able to filter air to meet current O.S.H.A. and E.P.A. minimum indoor air quality standards allowing the air to be returned to the building. Air filtred through bags such as polyester sateent or felt should only be exhausted to the atmosphere.

Cartridges allow you to bring the process air in at the top of the collector which allows the contaminated air to flow downward through and around the cartridge filters. With this design, airflow is now in the same direction as gravity thereby eliminating upward can velocity problems associated with re-entrainment of dust found with bags.

Cartridge units require lower headroom making inside the plant installations more attainable. OBP's CLEANAIR dust collectors feature single sided access for cartridges, solenoids and diaphragms that reduce floor space requirements.

Cartridges provide for easier maintenance as no one ever has to enter the bag house eliminating confined space problems.

Extensive testing of various dust types for each system application ensures maximum filtration efficiencies at optimum air-to-cloth ratios.

Since pleated cartridge media uses surface filtration characteristics and you do not encounter the deep bed of dust required as a filter cake, as found with polyester bags, pleated cartridges offer lower pressure drops than bags.

Cartridge filter life expectancy equals or exceeds that of bags. Polipleet cartridges can be removed and cleaned.

Replacement filter costs are lower for cartridges vs. bags due to the lower number of cartridges required to provide an equivalent or superior amount of filtration. This is a result of the pleated design offering greater surface area per square inch.

When filter changes are required, it takes on average 80% less time to change cartridges than bags. OBP's CLEANAIR dust collector provides the fastest filter change-out time in the industry.

OBP's optional "smart system" monitoring panel continuously monitors, records and alarms critical dust collector functions taking the guesswork out of dust collector operation and maintenance.