Ambient Air Dust Filtration

  • A perfect solution where source capture of dust is not practical or working, such as converting equipment, baler or shredder.
  • Creates a healthier, more productive work environment with clean air.
  • Captures sub-micron dust particles that impacts employee health and wellness.
  • Keeps fine explosive dust particles from settling on surfaces.
  • Reduces housekeeping expenses.
  • Saves wear and tear and energy costs on plant heating and ventilation equipment.
  • Various filter options specific to the contaminant of concern can be selected such as odors and gasses.

Optional AIR image™ Sensor

  • Monitors and continuously adjusts the Dust Wizard™ speed based upon the concentration of particles or gasses in the indoor air.
  • Produces air quality reports and provides filter change alerts available on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • View real time or historic data.

2020 Dust Wizard Model Price List PDF Download