Ohio Blow Pipe offers a cost effective solution to address this industry problem with its patent pending MIST-Clone® wet dust filtration system and Slurry-Tech® water clarification and dust briquetting technology.

Dust contamination is a big issue within the corrugated industry as vacuum transfer systems have become more commonplace. The problem is that a significant amount of dust laden air is being discharged back into the workplace from the exhaust of the vacuum transfer blowers creating air quality, OSHA compliance and housekeeping issues. Traditional methods to address the problem have shortcomings ranging from initial costs, ongoing costs, horsepower and space requirements, back pressure issues or they just don’t comply with OSHA or NFPA regulations. The MIST-Clone addresses all of these issues.

Ohio Blow Pipe offers a cost effective solution to address this industry problem with its stainless steel MIST-Clone wet dust filtration unit. By applying proven technology used in other industries, this technology has been adapted to effectively and economically filter corrugated dust.

Using the principles of a cyclone and centrifugal separation, dust laden air enters the MIST-Clone inlet where strategically placed spray nozzles form a water curtain to saturate the dust particles. The saturated dust particles are separated from the air and empty out at the bottom of the cone into a holding tank. The water passes through a screen and is pumped back to the spray nozzles. Periodic cleaning of the screen is required. The MIST-Clone has a 95% efficiency rating.

The Benefits

  • Low cost alternative to traditional dust collectors
  • Minimal floor space is required
  • Significant energy savings- no additional fans or costly motors are required to operate
  • No explosion risk or explosion venting requirements
  • Minimal back pressure applied to the equipment’s vacuum blowers
  • No expensive replacement parts, replacement filters, mechanical moving parts or fans
  • Does not require costly compressed air to operate
  • Easy maintenance requirements

Self-cleaning water system designed for maintenance-free operation

Mist-Clone wet dust removal