To eliminate dust hazards at the source

The VENTICLONE family of dust collectors extract, convey and collect dust to ensure safer, more productive working conditions for workers and machines, efficiently and economically.

Powerful suction continuously extracts dust from its source to effectively eliminate dust hazards.

A centrifugal fan pulls the air and dust mixture into a high efficiency cyclone which deposits up to 99% of the collected dust at its base for removal.

When used with the optional filter blocks, the air is subjected to a second filtering stage where remaining dust is removed and in most cases clean air returned to the work area without heat loss.

Available in abrasion resistant construction for hard wearing applications as well as stainless steel and alloys for corrosion resistant service.

A system configuration is available for all needs, with dust disposal by drum collection, accumulators for vacuum collection systems, rolling bins, hoppers, flapper valves and rotary valves.